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A Little Background


Aero Vines is a small family owned company. We seek to provide you the wine grower with an easy yet precise management tool that will help you evaluate plant health, stress and crop yield to get the best out of your harvest.


We offer a real-time data gathering and processing service so you can take corrective measures throughout the growth cycle.


Our mapping products will show the precise development of a crop and reveal production inefficiencies, enabling for better crop management. We can help you identity which parts of the crop are dry or need improvements. Our disease mapping service produces images that track the changes in plants and indicate their health, enabling for faster and more targeted management actions.

Our Process


1. Contact us to discuss what services you are looking for and how we can help.

2. Meet for a demonstration flight with our UAV pilot or viticulturist consultant.

3. The UAV & camera is setup & program, flight is then carry out & completed.

4. Data captured during the flight is sent for processing (24-48hrs turnaround for crop mapping and 48hrs for disease mapping).

5. Data is processed using specific algorithm designed for vines only.

6. The maps are now produced and ready to be viewed.

7. Interpreting the maps is not difficult, we can even walk you through the process initially.

8. Areas of interest/issues are detected from the maps and areas of concern should be ground-truthed for further investigation.

7. It is time to set some management actions.

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