Grapevine Disease Probability Map

(Red Grape Varieties Only)

Identify vines with high probability of Leafroll Disease


Prevent the spread of disease with early identification of symptomatic vines, geo-referenced for targeted follow up, testing, and removal.


Based on nasa technology, using drone based sensors & advanced algorithms, we offer plant level disease detection so you can spot disease before it spreads.




Total Vines

=  5143

Symptomatic Vines

= 466

Infection Rate

= 9.1 %



All maps can be view via the following options, PDF print outs, Mobile Device, Tablet & Computer.


Mobile and tablet devices offer the best options when out in the field as co-ordinates are geo-reference for ease of use, this allows the user to see exactly where they are on the map and in the field.


Maps can be conveniently view on Tablet & Mobile Devices via DroneFuse App available for free in the Apple & Google Store


Servicing  all of Australia



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