Calibrated EVI Vine Vigour Essentials: Vigour Zones

Vigour Zones – Absolute Map (3m resolution)


Track your vineyard’s progress by comparing results between fields and across time with this zone map based on purely vine-canopy data.

Vigour Zones – Relative Map (3m resolution)


Assess variability and highlight areas of interest with different levels of vine vigour with this zone map based on purely vine-canopy data.

True Colour Map


High resolution, coloured, and detailed visual depiction of the vineyard at the time the drone images were collected. Compared to base data (Google Earth, Nearmap, Bing.), these images provide the most up to date aerial information of your vineyard boundaries, orientation of rows, and new plantings.

All maps can be view via the following options, PDF print outs, Mobile Device, Tablet & Computer.


Mobile and tablet devices offer the best options when out in the field as co-ordinates are geo-reference for ease of use, this allows the user to see exactly where they are on the map and in the field.


Maps can be conveniently view on Tablet & Mobile Devices via DroneFuse App available for free in the Apple & Google Store


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