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Pure Vine Zones - Absolute and Relative

Take immediate corrective action with confidence with this vigour zone map derived from individual vine measurements and accounting for any canopy gaps.

Pure Vine Zones - Relative
PureVine Zones – Absolute

Pure Vine

Evaluate the health of your vineyard’s vine canopy with detailed vigour maps of purely canopy data.

Missing Vine Count

Known the number of missing vines and plan for future replacement. Young, dead missing vines

True Colour Map

High resolution, coloured, and detailed visual depiction of the vineyard at the time the drone images were collected. Compared to base data (Google Earth), these images provide the most up to date aerial information of your vineyard boundaries, orientation of rows, and new plantings.

Leafroll Disease Probability Mapping

Identify vines with high probability of Leafroll Disease

Prevent the spread of disease with early identification of symptomatic vines, geo-referenced for targeted follow up, testing, and removal.

Based on nasa technology, using drone based sensors & advanced algorithms, we offer plant level disease detection so you can spot disease before it spreads.

Beta Testing - Water Index Measurement Mapping

Water Index mapping allows growers to target water applications and optimize irrigation management while conserving water and reducing a vineyard’s impact on the environment.

While other water measurement methods are expensive, labour intensive, dependant on environmental factors, and susceptible to human error, Our process uses a spectral approach to directly quantify the water content of a vine.

Our unique, non-destructive method provides a water index measurement for the entire vineyard with vine level detail, compared to a few data points throughout a parcel.

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