Delivering Whole-Field Accurate Carbon Measurement
EarthOptics Delivers:
  • Hyper-accurate data maps that include soil compaction, carbon sequestration, moisture levels, nutrients and more
  • Quantification of soil carbon
  • Real measurements with actionable results
  • How EarthOptics' C-Mapper™ Works: EarthOptics' C-Mapper™ machine learning technology combines traditional soil sampling with sensor data results to deliver to farmers high-resolution maps of accurate total-field carbon estimates. Our maps indicate the baseline amount of carbon your soil contains and the quality it is capable of sequestering. With a yearover-year analysis, the C-Mapper™ technology enables you to adjust practices to maximize your soil's carbon potential.

    The EarthOptics GroundOwl™ technology carves out a path across a field with a swath spacing less than 15 meters apart. Our sensor technology collects 16 data points every second to accurately create bulk density and carbon maps that are equivalent or better in accuracy to physical soil samples pulled every acre.