Till Mapper

Customized Tillage Prescriptions
at Your Fingertips

EarthOptics Delivers:

  • Hyper-accurate data maps that include soil compaction, carbon sequestration, moisture levels, nutrients and more
  • Industry-first science based real tillage mapper that enables farmers to understand compaction and know exactly to till, when to till and how deep to till - all of which provides immediate cost savings
  • Real measurements, actionable results
  • How it Works: TillMapper™ technology creates a customized tillage prescription.

    EarthOptics GroundOwl™ 3D mapping system scans fields up to 1 meter proofed by dense penetrometer soil samples to map out compaction areas and depth. The GroundOwl technology collects 16 data points every second showing a range of depths to effectively break up compaction.

    Customized to your field, the map pinpoints specific areas of compaction and allows you to adjust where to till. Through the EarthOptics portal, growers can look at fields inch by inch and for depth of compaction.

    Variable Depth TillMapper™ Prescription

    Corn Yield Map

    The TillMapper delivers a shape file for growers to use in any brand of equipment or precision platform you like to operate. During a CNH trial, using Ecolo-Tiger® 875, compaction levels were 100% eliminated. These results indicated a 40% cost savings with an average of $14/A.

    Results in Action:

    TillMapper technology gives growers actionable results - tilling only where it's needed - saving time, fuel and equipment wear and tear. Targeted tillage improves soil structure and offers crops room to root, and the depth needed for optimum yield performance.

    The result of this technology is real measurements, actionable results, and a new efficiency. Visit EarthOptics.com to learn more.
    TillMapper™, GroundOwl™, and SoilMapper™ are trademarks of EarthOptics. Ecolo-Tiger® 875 is a registered trademark of CNH.