NPK Mapper
Quicker, Faster Soil Nutrient Testing
EarthOptics Delivers:
  • Hyper-accurate data maps that include soil compaction, carbon sequestration, moisture levels, nutrients and more
  • The ability to quantify physical amount of carbon in the soil
  • Real measurements, actionable results
  • How NPK-Mapper™ Works: EarthOptics NPK-Mapper technology ofers growers increased accuracy and quicker

    results than traditional soil sampling. Using machine learning technology that collects 16 data points every second, EarthOptics GroundOwl™ system scan felds to determine the complete nutrient and micro-nutrient profle in the soil.

    Even with fewer dense soil samples taken, the NPK-Mapper technology provides more robust data than grid soil sampling at a fraction of the cost. As a customer of EarthOptics, you have access to your own cloud-based data viewer and project manager. This dashboard stores all of the data collected across your felds in real-time and allows you the fexibility to adapt and adjust your prescription to ft your specifc needs.